Kitchen Design Hong Kong

Kitchen Design Hong Kong

Enhance Kitchen Aesthetics

Whether you are going to design a new kitchen or renovate an existing kitchen, it is inevitable to consider which kitchen equipment to choose, especially for the limited space in most Hong Kong flats. But what should be considered first?

Select your kitchen sink and faucet. Few taskmasters in your home are as functional as the kitchen sink and faucet. And there are so many kitchen design choices to make. We’ll guide you through the wide range of features, styles and colors available in KOHLER® sinks and faucets.

If you want to remodel the kitchen design from scratch, then choosing customised kitchen equipment will be more appropriate. You can make sure everything is suitable for the style and tone of kitchen decorations.

  • Consider Your Options

    Consider Your Options

    • Which spaces in your kitchen, bar or laundry room need a sink and faucet?
    • Would you like a sink in enameled cast iron, stainless steel or new Neoroc composite material?
    • What sink and faucet style and installation options will best meet your needs?
    • Have you considered adding convenient accessories or faucets with multiple spray options?
    • What faucet finish will match the other elements in your kitchen?

    Get started by selecting a kitchen sink, then a complementary faucet.


  • Kitchen Sinks

    Kitchen Sinks

    With incredible quality, thoughtful design and a gorgeous range of materials and colors, you can’t go wrong with a KOHLER® sink. Our wide assortment offers a variety of sizes and configurations so you can create a functional space that will look beautiful for years to come.

    Choose your kitchen sink

  • Kitchen Faucets

    Kitchen Faucets

    Kitchen faucet is not only functional, but also a critical kitchen design element that helps to define and enhance the style of the cooking area. When searching for new faucets, look for a design that can seamlessly integrate with your solution.

    We meld a stunning kitchen design with steadfast performance to create KOHLER® kitchen faucets. Tough and beautiful, they’re leak-free and on-task, standing up twice as well as the industry standard. Choose a KOHLER® faucet and count on a lifetime of practical beauty.*

    Choose your kitchen faucet